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Set the Scene & Let the Good Times Roll

Luna's Party Rental of Oxnard, California, makes it easy to set up a venue of your very own. Our extensive selection of party tents, canopies, and dance floors let you establish the scene anywhere you choose.


Tents & Canopies

The right shelter ensures your guests have a great time outdoors. Through the rain and sun, our shelters and canopies keep your party going. All our tents and canopies are available in white, and come in a variety of sizes, with larger dimensions available upon request:

10' x 20' $70 per day
14' x 20' $100 per day
20' x 20' $120 per day
20' x 30' $150 per day
20' x 40' $200 per day

Complete Tents

Our tent rentals act like a home away from home, featuring windows, walls, and even light fixtures. These complete outdoor shelters bring you the comforts of the indoors, all without the exorbitant costs associated with renting an indoor space.

Convenient Canopies

Canopies offer a more spacious feel to your venue, which treats your guests to natural light and the breeze. Our canopies are easy to set up and are a cost-effective solution for providing your guests with essential shade.

Dance Floors

Of course, no party is complete without a dance floor. Give your guests the thrill of the dance with our sturdy flooring options. Dance floor dimensions begin at 18' x 18' and go all the way up to 40' x 20'. Different types of flooring are available to accommodate your specific needs.

18' x 18' $400 per day
21' x 21' $458 per day
32' x 21' $630 per day

For other sizes please inquire.